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KingCamp Pop up Shower Tent, Privacy Tent, Changing Room, Toilet for camp KT4015

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(Last Updated On: October 13, 2022)


Product Description

  1. 【Privacy Protection】This tent is designed with an opaque roof fabric, offering a private space for you to dress up. Silver coated inside of this shower tent prevents light from transmitting in or out of the tent to better protect your privacy.
  2. Zippered Door】large built-in zippered door as part of the tent is convenient for you to enter or exit the tent.
  3. 【Firmness】With a rust flexible resistant steel frame, the tent can firmly stand on the ground. Guy ropes and nails are contained as accessories to make your tent more stable.
  4. 【Built-In Pockets】There are several mesh pockets design on the inside or outside of the tent,  used to store personal belongings and necessities.
  5. 【Mesh Window】Mesh window is designed on the side of the tent allowing the inside space of the tent to be well ventilated.
  6. Easy to Set Up】Rust flexible resistant steel frame design of the tent makes sure that you can set up or fold down the tent by seconds when you need to use it for either indoor or outdoor activities.
  7. Portability】The tent is easy to be carried around during your trip. A portable zipper carry bag with handles is easy for transportation and storage.
  8. Multifunctional】This tent can play roles as restroom, shower room, changing room and others.



  • 1 × Privacy Tent
  • 1 × Rainfly
  • 1 × Removable PE Floor
  • 8 × Steel Nails
  • 4 × Guy Ropes


Hundreds in season.

Yes, we have warehouses in the US, EU, JP, and China.

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