Car Camping Gear Checklist

Car Camping Gear Checklist

Car Camping Gear Checklist

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(Last Updated On: September 20, 2022)

Talk about the road trip, no matter whether you are a seller or buyer, you need a checklist for car camping gear. Car camping gears can be divided into two groups in general according to different vehicle users.

Your vehicle is not an RV.

Then your goal is to try to recreate your vehicle into a motorhome or camper. What a camper usually has is just what you need for your car camping gear.

  • Sleeping bag
    • Either you sleep in the car or use a tent, you need sleeping bags.
  • Mat
    • Sleeping pads and camping mats offer cushioning and insulation for sound sleeping.
  • Tent
    • You can choose an SUV tent, a truck tent, or even a rooftop tent to match your car.
  • Shelter
    • A shade shelter and a privacy shelter will make your road trip much more comfortable.
  • Chair
    • Compare to well-engineered, built-to-last is more important for a camp chair. Cup holder fit-in could be a plus.
  • Table
    • Adjustable legs are extremely useful, help level the table on undulating ground.
  • Stove
    • Wraparound windscreens are a key element for outdoor cooking, not only fuel.
  • Cooking utensils
    • Pots, pan, knife, cutting board, opener, cooler, etc.
  • Eating Utensils
    • bowls, plates, bottles, cups, lights, dish towels, trash bags, etc.
  • Water Container
    • For emergency

Road trip with an RV

The main purpose of selecting outdoor gear for an RV is to make a camper more like home.

Car camping gears could have countless options. Above are the essentials for your reference. This could be your ultimate checklist without browsing everywhere.


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