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Where do you currently sell your products? Amazon & Walmart. Where would you like to sell your products? Outdoor chain stores. How many SKUs do you sell? Hundreds in season. Do you work with a 3PL? Yes, we have warehouses in the US, EU, JP, and China. Do you drop-ship for other retailers or e-tailers? Not now.

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Trading V.S. Manufacturer –Outdoor Industry Link

Hi, Did you PREFER sourcing factories when you do FOB import business with Asian suppliers? I discovered that some trading companies lied to pretend to be a factory, thinking everybody is an idiot.  This so-called white lie, along with other stereotypes about the price, has made some buyers think factories could control the quality with mass production and consider the price quoted from factories will be better. The fact is if the exporter follows their working steps, show their advantage, help customer to solve problems and improve service and efficiency. That is enough. No matter if you’re a trading company or a factory. Trading & manufacturer has different taste and strength. I found that trading companies usually have great advantages in experience, professionalism, good communication, efficiency, details, and flexibility. PRICE is not Everything. Buyers HATE their suppliers like slow action, self-assertion, difficult to communicate with, lazy, no sense of responsibility, impolite, and open their mouths wide. What the buyers are trying to source is a better price with controllable quality and lead time.  Sincerely, Grandchi Suen P.S. I am working on realizing our customer’s requests carefully with quick action. Improving accurate offers with full information of spec, size, color, packaging, logo, testing, certificate, etc with moderate price. Visit our website and check it out!

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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that we’re launching a brand new newsletter called “Outdoor Industry Link.” This weekly updated list is focused on people that had set up their careers with Asian suppliers. It will cover everything from price negotiation to nailing your latest gears for easier purchasing and better results. Your coordinators will be a group of leading experts that have over 10 years of experience in the business field and launched tons of trade orders. We’re currently finalizing the details of this exciting project, but I wanted to inform you first as I’m super excited to get this thing going! It’ll be highly valuable. Sounds interesting? Hit reply to let me know you’re interested. I’ll personally get back to you with all the details. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Grandchi SuenB2B Coordinator of KingCamp

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I really liked the hammock and the sleeping pads that you sent. The sleeping pads were really comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate, and warm. The hammock was also really good and the net helped a lot because there were a lot of bugs.
Harrison Kratter

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