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5 Tips on Purchasing Camping Tents

Too many choices may cause confusion when purchasing tents. Let KingCamp help our buyers prevent regret. Here are some useful tips. 1. Capacity. There are no industry standards for tent dimensions which means that tent sizes could be various from different factories. Know your measurements and ignore the concept of person models. 2. Seasonality Ideal tents are built to survive different environments, such as downpours, heavier winds, and light snow, and provide ventilation. You could balance weather conditions with 3-season tents. Summer tents and winter tents are better suited to extreme seasons. 3. Setup Buyers don’t want to spend hours or an army to put up a tent. The ease of use needs to be considered when purchasing tents. There are many features making purchasing easier, such as freestanding, pole hubs and clips, and color coding. 4. Materials a. Poles: Usually, fiberglass poles are not as strong and durable as aluminum ones. b. Fabrics and deniers: Fabrics affects more on strength more than denier. If fabrics are the same, higher denier can be more waterproof. 5. Features & Accessories a. Ventilation: means windows and mesh panels b. Doors: two are better. c. Footprint: usually sold separately.

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7 Reasons to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

Which is more important? Clients or suppliers? Actually, there are endless customers but highly coordinated suppliers are not a day-to-day occasion. So, what are the reasons for choosing OBM outdoor suppliers? Category. Purchasing each product one by one could be a disaster, because it is almost impossible to control every factor of each factory, such as price, quality, lead time, communication, financially stable, etc. One-stop shopping could happen to a trading company with a complete category. Brand Awareness The lowest price does not usually make a profit but bestsellers do. Working with experienced brands can lower your stakes. R&D New arrival updates help you avoid missing the next business opportunity. Videos Camping is visual. Shooting marketing videos for every product could cost you a fortune. MSRP A high manufacturer’s suggested retail price usually means there is enough margin to meet your demand. QOH You will find a big advantage of MOQ & lead time in your supplier if they have quantities on hand. Distributorship Get feedback from other distributors on working with this supplier, such as reliability and how well they communicate. Have KingCamp as a backup supplier, and you will find our products can provide you with exactly what you need when you need them!

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How to Purchase Camping Chairs

Nowadays, chair design could be dazzling, which means you have lots of choices for your camping gear selection. There is no such rule that a glamping chair could not be used for backpacking or car camping. But size and weight could be contradictory. How to make the best deal, here are the factors you need to consider when purchasing camping chairs: Styles: CLASSIC DIRECTOR CHAIRS: high enough for an easy stand-up or sit-down, usually with four legs, an upright back, and a flat seat. LOW BEACH CHAIRS: Shorter backs gives beach chairs more stability and also could be used on different occasions in Pan Pacific areas. ROCKING CHAIRS: Different from traditional Rocker, newly designed suspended chair works on uneven ground. MOON CHAIRS: Looks like a moon, and feels like someone is hugging you. STOOLS: Definitely a weight saver, and they can be designed according to your taste, such as four legs, three legs, and even one leg. We will talk about more considerations when you come to purchasing camping chairs, such as materials, capacity, complexity, extras, etc. Welcome to subscribe to Outdoor Industry Link!

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How to Purchase Camping Series

If you haven’t been importing camping gear from China or have never done international trade before, we can help. We keep things simple for your first procurement, talk a little about tents and sleeping bags, and show you how to build a great business. All that, plus we give you a printable checklist full of stuff you might want for future purchases. How to import camping gear from China Trading V.S. Manufacturer 8 details for camping gear quality control Car Camping Gear Checklist Ask Us Anything

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Who we are

What is the core business of your website? Provides quality camping gear, stylish & trendy outdoor gear, along with inventory liquidation. How does your business make money? Sell KingCamp brands product lines such as tents, sleeping bags, and camping furniture… What products/services do you offer? KingCamp offers tents, sleeping bags, camping mats, and outdoor accessories and we also offer camping accessories for pets. Describe your ideal customer or target market? Mostly householders, middle-aged couples, and people who like outdoor living to spend their weekends. What is your product application? Most people buy KingCamp products for their spouse and kids, some buy for their garden decor and some buy for gifts to their friends and family.

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Car Camping Gear Checklist

Car Camping Gear Checklist

Talk about the road trip, no matter whether you are a seller or buyer, you need a checklist for car camping gear. Car camping gears can be divided into two groups in general according to different vehicle users. Your vehicle is not an RV. Then your goal is to try to recreate your vehicle into a motorhome or camper. What a camper usually has is just what you need for your car camping gear. Sleeping bag Either you sleep in the car or use a tent, you need sleeping bags. Mat Sleeping pads and camping mats offer cushioning and insulation for sound sleeping. Tent You can choose an SUV tent, a truck tent, or even a rooftop tent to match your car. Shelter A shade shelter and a privacy shelter will make your road trip much more comfortable. Chair Compare to well-engineered, built-to-last is more important for a camp chair. Cup holder fit-in could be a plus. Table Adjustable legs are extremely useful, help level the table on undulating ground. Stove Wraparound windscreens are a key element for outdoor cooking, not only fuel. Cooking utensils Pots, pan, knife, cutting board, opener, cooler, etc. Eating Utensils bowls, plates, bottles, cups, lights, dish towels, trash bags, etc. Water Container For emergency Road trip with an RV The main purpose of selecting outdoor gear for an RV is to make a camper more like home. Hammock Cot Camp Grill Lamps/Lantern Book Car camping gears could have countless options. Above are the essentials for

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8 details for camping gear quality control

Here are 8 details to evaluate the camping gear quality in advance. High-quality aviation aluminum natural bamboo tabletop The best aluminum alloy commonly used in aerospace equipment, with incredible durability without the added weight. Waterproof and windproof fabric A functional textile fabric is made up of polymer waterproof and breathable materials and fabrics. It has the advantages of being waterproof, windproof, and breathable, and is widely used in the ever-changing outdoor environment. Lightweight rip proof fabric The fabric effectively improves tear resistance and tensile strength to meet t the needs of high-intensity outdoor activities. Natural bamboo tabletop Eco-friendly, heat-resistant, anti-oxidation, high wear resistance, rugged, dense and stable. Tent door and window design The tent door includes a waterproof layer and a mesh layer. With the waterproof layer on the inside and the mesh layer on the outside, the structure can ensure that in the case of rain, the waterproof layer can be operated without going outside. Three zip, insulated sleeping bag system The sleeping bag features 3 zippers to allow for easy adjustment. Enabling customizable ventilation depending on the user’s preference to ensure maximum comfort. Multi-function storage The multi-functional luggage integrated storage, trolley, and folding table all into one. Store, transport, and use without having to carry too much, which greatly saves on space. Assembled rotating seat Using a tilt-mounted lever as the main structure to evenly distribute the weight between the upper and lower forks, to ensure durability, the chair functions as a rotating chair without the complex installation

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How to import camping gear from China

If you’re new to the idea of manufacturing, especially China manufacturing, you have come to the right place. This article is the catalyst for importing companies, taking them through the entire process of having quality products successfully manufactured in China. Let us put our experience to work for you! The #1 question that companies ask is… HOW CAN I FIND THE RIGHT SUPPLIER? Decide what gears are you going to import. This should be the first step of the purchase. You can start with the category of camping. Tent Sleeping Bags Mat Outdoor Furniture Picnic Accessories For promotion orders with a specific category, importing directly from a factory would be a better choice. For inline orders with several or all categories, dealing with a trading company would be much easier. Where to find Chinese suppliers Traditional channel Online B2B Marketplace Globalsources Alibaba soucing Made-in-China Offline Trade Shows Canton Fair HKTDC Fair East China Fair More efficient channel Online SNS(LinkedIn) Google Search Offline International domestic & overseas trade shows Buying trips Field inspection Supplier background research Use customs data to check the supplier’s exporting history. Use the search engine to find suppliers’ real-time pictures. Talk to partners of the supplier. Get a quotation Focus not only on the price itself but also on the restriction details, such as, Item Name Item Number Photos (demonstrate detail) Description (product description, size, weight, material, logo, usage, function, testing report, etc.) Packaging Measurement Pcs per carton Carton size and GW/NW Pcs per 20’/40’/40’HC Price

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Ask Us Anything

Where do you currently sell your products? Amazon & Walmart. Where would you like to sell your products? Outdoor chain stores. How many SKUs do you sell? Hundreds in season. Do you work with a 3PL? Yes, we have warehouses in the US, EU, JP, and China. Do you drop-ship for other retailers or e-tailers? Not now.

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