7 Reasons to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

7 Reasons to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

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(Last Updated On: March 14, 2023)

Which is more important? Clients or suppliers? Actually, there are endless customers but highly coordinated suppliers are not a day-to-day occasion. So, what are the reasons for choosing OBM outdoor suppliers?


Purchasing each product one by one could be a disaster, because it is almost impossible to control every factor of each factory, such as price, quality, lead time, communication, financially stable, etc. One-stop shopping could happen to a trading company with a complete category.

Brand Awareness

The lowest price does not usually make a profit but bestsellers do. Working with experienced brands can lower your stakes.


New arrival updates help you avoid missing the next business opportunity.


Camping is visual. Shooting marketing videos for every product could cost you a fortune.


A high manufacturer’s suggested retail price usually means there is enough margin to meet your demand.

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You will find a big advantage of MOQ & lead time in your supplier if they have quantities on hand.

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Get feedback from other distributors on working with this supplier, such as reliability and how well they communicate.

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Have KingCamp as a backup supplier, and you will find our products can provide you with exactly what you need when you need them!


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