5 Tips on Purchasing Camping Tents

5 Tips on Purchasing Camping Tents


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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2023)

Too many choices may cause confusion when purchasing tents. Let KingCamp help our buyers prevent regret. Here are some useful tips.

1. Capacity.

There are no industry standards for tent dimensions which means that tent sizes could be various from different factories. Know your measurements and ignore the concept of person models.


2. Seasonality

Ideal tents are built to survive different environments, such as downpours, heavier winds, and light snow, and provide ventilation. You could balance weather conditions with 3-season tents. Summer tents and winter tents are better suited to extreme seasons.


3. Setup

Buyers don’t want to spend hours or an army to put up a tent. The ease of use needs to be considered when purchasing tents. There are many features making purchasing easier, such as freestanding, pole hubs and clips, and color coding.


4. Materials

a. Poles: Usually, fiberglass poles are not as strong and durable as aluminum ones.

b. Fabrics and deniers: Fabrics affects more on strength more than denier. If fabrics are the same, higher denier can be more waterproof.


5. Features & Accessories

a. Ventilation: means windows and mesh panels

b. Doors: two are better.

c. Footprint: usually sold separately.


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